How to choose a Kitchen

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Contemporary Kitchen Design

In the modern day world the aesthetics of the kitchen are changed but how kitchens have been brought to use remains same. Whether its for eating or a hub for the family to gather while preparing dinner and enjoy those chit chats still remains the same.  A modern kitchen is a big investment and requires a lot of efforts so the focus should be on the long term design and material. We shall break this time consuming and tedious process into more simpler manageable steps to make this process simple.


Look at your existing Kitchen

Step one is to look at your existing kitchen and note down all the things that you like about it and that you don’t like. It could be the colour of the kitchen cabinet or the things that exist in your kitchen but you have not used in ages try to remove those in your future kitchen and make room for other likeable products. The type of appliances that your kitchen has. Think about the colour and feel of the material of the appliances you want.

Ask yourself few questions on what are you looking from your kitchen. Are you looking at it as a cooking area only or you want it to be cooking cum family space. Also don’t ignore the fact of how you cook and what you cook. some traditional cooking requires a lot of oil and deep frying which leaves smoke and grease so you need to choose a material that is not deteriorated with this.


Existing or new plumbing and heating

We need to take in the factor that while getting new kitchen installed whether you are using the sam plumbing or we will be looking at new plumbing and heating. If you are looking to put new plumbing that needs to be discussed with your kitchen designer. If you are looking for putting heating in your kitchen try to do and underfloor heating as this will save some space. Just keep in mind any change in heating or plumbing we should leave the flooring to the end.


Consider Lighting

Choosing the right lighting for your kitchen is the utmost important thing after choosing the aesthetics. Lighting has 1005 role in the afterlook of your kitchen. Bad lighting can bring the best kitchen as a normal fit out whereas with a good lighting you can assure yourself that your kitchen no matter how budget it is will still look as classy. When you plan what sort of lights you are using just keep the essentials separate to the looks so the both could be managed accordingly and separately.


Set the right budget

For installing a new kitchen you need to be honest with yourself of what budget you wan tot invest in your kitchen. Discuss your budget with the designer and he can put you in the right direction within that budget. Kitchen designers have all the options with them they just get paid good commissions on what they can sell so they try to maximise your expenses but if you remain honest with your designers about the budget. The designer can give you an array of choice like open shelve kitchen rather than close cabinets. Don’t forget to add in the installation cost as that will double up your installed kitchen cost.

Find the right designer and installer

After careful selection and choosing the criteria mentioned above the two major factors are choosing the right designer who will help implement your thoughts in 3d designs and the installer who will bring the paperwork into reality. so make sure that both these people are a team not individuals. a close collaboration between both is very important.

At Viba interiors you will find the right designers as well as experienced installers within one team. The team at VIBA has extensive years of experience within kitchen and wardrobe design and installation. If you are still confused and want an expert advice send us an email on