Why a Modern Modular Kitchen is not a bad idea?

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Modern Kitchen London

Modern Kitchen London

The most important place in a home where one spends most of its money in the kitchen. The design aesthetics, Colour, material selection and the fittings are all a difficult task to accomplish and with every day there is a new product in the market which changes the whole game of selection. There is a varied variety out in the market for fitted kitchens U.K no matter how prepared you are with the selection process there is always something better that could be done with modern Kitchen London

If you want a decent, modern and good quality kitchen, one approach is a combination of product, practice and definitely a dab of patience. Thankfully, we’ve put together a fabulous list of quick-fix solutions for you. 

1. Design Ability

A good kitchen definitely means good design. while putting such a big investment into your kitchen is a bold step how would you ensure that the designer you are working with is a pro in their field? So its always good to keep in touch with 2-3 different designers to keep a tab on what’s new within the industry. Design mistakes are costly and this can’t be ignored and left to a novice. We have to be extra careful while choosing the modern kitchen London designs.

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How do you know that the designer is creative and will be unto your expectations? its always good to ask for some sample work that they have done and probably a 3D design would be a better alternative.

Don’t forget to check the technical ability of your designer as a good designer will be able to give you exact technical information about the product as well the appliances that will be going along with your kitchen. Always try to look for a manufacturer installer as they will be far quicker than an installer who will need to source the material from sone manufacturing as then the turnaround time would be somewhere to 4-6 weeks after the designs are done.

Design ability – what’s next?


As you are putting your hard-earned money into your kitchen you need to be sure about who is doing what with your hard-earned money. There is nothing to shy about before asking your designer for some testimonials or talk to their previous job done to ask for questions like. Were the deadlines met? How good the installation was? were they able to fix some issues which they may have encountered after the kitchen was installed?

Modern Kitchen London

How to find a kitchen design pro? Just like everything else, it is always good to ask your friends and family for recommendations but don’t just take their words as what is good for them may not be good for you so ensure that you have the questions checklist ready for the recommenced designer. If you cant find recommendations a quick google search can end up in providing you with n number of suppliers. Visit their website and see what sort of jobs they can provide you and what is their experience within the field.

Set the Terms

Designers offer a range of services to no services as all. set your terms in the agreement before shaking hands and ensure that you have covered yourself from any sort of misunderstandings. There are designers out there who provide a design only services and then they will bring in another contractor to work on installations. So, you need to ensure do you want one-stop-shop or you want many people to get involved. personally we would recommend working with a single profile this reduces your headache. 

By using single-window services the designer will be bringing in everything to your doorstep and there are better chances of controlling the terms with one person rather than multiple stakeholders within the project. Some designers may not even charge you for providing the services once you sign the agreement for installation with them and that saves unto 10-15% of your money. So keep your eyes and ears open while discussing your expectations about the end result with the designer. A verbal agreement would not be enough so try to keep everything on paper.

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Remember a designer has a lot of stake in your project as well. bad stories often travel quicker than the bad stories. so, the designer will be extra cautious while doing the agreements and its always to good to have a win-win situation for both the parties as at the end of the day the company you will be using will also have families to feed. 

Check out this hafele hinge range 

Fitted Kitchens U.K

The Materials being used

When it comes to a sexy looking kitchen, we can not ignore the quality of products that are being used. The next part after design comes to the quality of material the installers will be using for your projects.

Keep on reading, you’re going to love this!

How would you know what quality is being used anyway? 

There are multiple ways to find the quality of the material being used. First, segregate the functional quality and design quality. 

Design Quality– is something which we have discussed in the previous point as well which means that runs around the design aspect of your kitchen

Functional Quality– That includes the cabinets. cabinets can make or break your kitchen. You need to ensure the installers are using the best brands while doing the cabinetry. Ensure the hinges that are being used. The brand and quality should be in your agreement before giving your installer a go ahead with installation as hinges are where the installers will try to cut corners and make a profit.

What can you expect in a countertop?

You will feel a gentle, zingy feeling — the not-so-technical term — Check the seams are flawless. Each countertop will tell you its own story the marble and granite countertop will be unstained, laminate should be free of scratches and the sink should be well caulked.

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Door Material– Ensure the door material being used is of good quality. Consider beforehand what door type do you want to use. Whether you want to go ahead with a laminated door or pre-laminated particle board, MDF membrane or a pre-laminated membrane. 

Each of these varies in price and quality so as per your budget you should select one and this should also be a part of your pre-design agreement with the designer.

3. Kitchen Shapes and Size

The shape of the kitchen is crucial to space utilisation. Considering the space as the utmost valueless thing in London. if we are not using the space to its best we are wasting money. The kitchen designs vary from u shape to L shape and island kitchen. We need to see what suits our kitchen area and the rest of the house as its important for the kitchen to match the rest of the house ambience as well to be inclusive. 

Check out this video on Kitchen designs from Ikea

Kitchen Height- it is a very important aspect of today’s viewpoint. Ask your designer to provide the best ergonomic kitchen as per your height as a majority of time is spent in the kitchen and we should accept it as per our body length to avoid unnecessary muscle pulls and another sort of fatigue. 

Always asks your designer how they solved functionality and space utilisation in the last projects. Kitchens nowadays are a centre to the home and no more an affair behind the closed door so ensure the best practises before you jump on spending money on your dream kitchen.

We feel that its a good idea to install a modular kitchen as long as you are aware of the pros and cons of using the right people with the right skill and the agreements are in place before starting the project and this will give you an upper hand in getting your kitchen project up and running within no time.