Trendy kitchens

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Kitchen Contractor

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen or you want to update the old theme, Now is the perfect time to plan your Kitchen as Viba Interiors designers all geared up for the season to help people renovate the kitchens.

As per kitchen designer Schmidt, Kitchen design nowadays is all about ongoing industrial look, time veneers, contrast and metallic. late 2017 more broad colours have taken place in the kitchen categories the consumers are being bold in selection of their colours and design. Concrete, wood grains will be the latest trend in the kitchen design. The following factors will be included in the recent kitchen trends.

Bold Colours:

More bold colours are the new trend in the industry. Consumers are selecting colours of their personality and want to show it off with the kitchen design. Rustic with a blend of sharp grey is being a choice of consumers. another trends are concrete with an island of yellow or orange bringing out the bold personality of the machos. Deep blue is other colour in demand in this year within the kitchen industry.


Open Shelving:

Open shelving is the recent trend in the kitchen industry with shelving bringing in more open space for showcase is the new in of the kitchen design industry. People have started moving in from the closed cupboard to the trendy open shelving in the kitchen.


Green is the new in:

Planting green within your kitchen bring out that vibrant Eco friendliness and lifelines of the kitchen back into originality. The concept that green belongs to the kitchen has taken a shot in the recent year and is making big change in how we see kitchen cabinets as a storage place to a co habitat.



Handles kitchen made big in 2017 but now handles are coming back in fashion. Try to find combination of handles with contrast to the look of the drawer. Try brass, steel or wooden look handle and play it with different cabinet colours.