What colors to choose for your bedroom

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Luxury Fitted Wardrobes

With increase in the design innovation in the recent years. A lot of colours have been implemented into designing a bedroom bringing out elegant and trendy style. Similarly the old ethnic designs have also made a comeback with more bold looks hence enhancing the overall aesthetics of the place.

The colours that needs to be choose for your wardrobe will depend on your pull towards the feel and your personality. So you will be the one who will be making final call on this but certain trends could be kept in mind while putting your wardrobe design together.


Wood Grain:

Wood grains been a choice among the masses since long and you can never fail on this colour for your bedroom. Its a more universal wardrobe colour which doesn’t need any particular contrast and could work with almost everything.



After the industrial revolution, a more trend towards finance, IT and automation has opened up the fields for other profession hence a slump in the industry. Modern architects have start converting those industrial units into homes and office. hence bringing the industry trend into use. A lot of new wardrobe functionality could be seen revolving around the industrial look with metal and brass. with a concrete look. This could also be matched with woodgrains to give it more effect.

Subtle Colours:

Some Minimalist focus on keeping the wardrobes subtle and tight coloured while their is a more focus on the feature wall with bold colours and design. If you are planning anything like this ensure that the wardrobe panels are plain or light in colour. Whether its Matt or glossy will depend on the look you will provide on the feature wall.


Using Block Design:

If you are someone who is bored of the old style wood and subtle Coors of your room.  Also someone, who enjoy bit of angle to everything. You should think about having boxy panels. This will create some magic in the room and then why settle for something on the wall while you can bring the feature onto the wardrobe.


Coloured Panel:

If your room is bit sneeze and in terms of walls all you have is wardrobes, you can use a combination of sliders with coloured panels and bring in the colour of your choice to your bedroom through the wardrobe slider doors.

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