Whats in trend for Wardrobes?

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Luxury Fitted Wardrobes

Choosing  your wardrobe to match furniture of your bedroom and the other bedroom settings could be a daunting task. We have all dream of a bedroom like celebs and is the aim of getting the luxury to afford such a wardrobe. Putting a new wardrobe into your bedrooms is a tedious and expensive task and there is no such thing like getting back and changing the looks if you doesn’t like the design or feel of the bedroom installation. Once it is done it is done for life. There is no looking back at it. We need to understand our preference as there are plenty of options for each requirement.


Type of wardrobe:

You need to decide what type of wardrobe will suit your need, whether its freestanding, built in or custom made. Size of your room and your desire for outlook of your room. The better option which everyone goes for is custom wardrobes because that gives everyone a flexibility to choose their own design, fit and texture of their wardrobes. You can also choose to do custom accessories.



Check the measurement of your room and height of ceiling. Prepare some mock designs as per your choice before you meet the designer so that you have an idea of expelling with what you want out of their service. Once you call the designer, ensure that he is listening to your ideas and merging that onto his designs. Try to ask the designer to show you 3d designs before finalizing the wardrobe installation.


Style of the wardrobe:

Choose the right style of your wardrobes that matches with the room ambience. Carefully choose the size design and texture of the wardrobe. Ensure the design of the wardrobe matched the room layout. Depending on your likes you can choose to either go for a design with patterns on the doors or for the minimalist look you can either go door less designs with open layout.



Another very important factor that will help you finalize what you want from your wardrobe is how you manage the storage. If you need storage you have plenty option of accessories or you can go with drawers as per your need.

Getting a new wardrobe does not necessarily have to burn a hole in your pocket. There are a variety of options available in the market to suit different budgets. At Viba interiors you can contact one of our designers to get a hassle free quote on your customized wardrobes. All our designers are trained and certified in their trade with years of experience and expertise.